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PEOPLE Magazine: 2014’s World’s Most Beautiful List - Amber Heard.

Mix Old Hollywood glamour with modern hair, makeup and style, and you get the future Mrs. Johnny Depp, 28, a siren both on and off screen. She happily admits to a strict workout routine – it is part of the job – but believes individuality is a key to beauty, too. “I think the secret to great style is to have your own style, and not depend on a set of rules or steps or someone else’s guidelines,”she told Women’s Health. “I think the people with the best style do just that.”

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A big bouquet of roses, presents and a cake arrived for Amber Heard's 28th birthday celebration

Anonymous whispered: And johnny has the "we are you" sticker on his pants which a little corny but soooo sweet :) Hes like a teenage boy in love.

Aww yes, it’s a sweet gesture. It’s great to know he supports the Self Evident Truths project.

Anonymous whispered: This is no hate. :) But.. you are very specially fan. :) You are not stalker or some kind of obsessive fan. :) You respect their love, and it´s right.. I have never met fan like you. I always saw only stalkers or jealous people... Really amazing! ^

We’re here just to appreciate and support them, both as individuals and as a couple. We’re 5 people running this blog not just one.. and there are lots of fans like us, who respect their relationship and support them no matter what.

It’s a combination of fans of Johnny Depp and fans of Amber Heard, who got closer due to this romantic relationship, there are supporters of the couple in both fandoms which is amazing.

Obviously there’s always gonna be negative people, but that’s life, you know? Everybody is entitled to have an opinion, although there are boundries that should be respected, in my opinion.

Anonymous whispered: Oh my god.. Your blog is kind of heaven. They´re such awesome, i love both!! Amber is really pretty woman with big heart. :) I´m sad when people say about her that she is with him only for money.

So glad you like the blog! :) And don’t mind the haters, don’t even engage with their rude ways.

Anonymous whispered: Omg johnnys face is so cute in the pic that hes holding a red rose. They look so in love. The haters can eat their hearts out now :)))

You’re right! And it was great to see them super cozy inside the book store! It was adorable, they make such a cute couple!! <3

Anonymous whispered: yes, i think.. when they were in bookshop.. hmmm :)

Oh yes, I’m sure he bought her some unique books there, which she for sure loved because actually she collects books, specially old/vintage ones :D

Anonymous whispered: hmmm, amber maybe got from johnny book :D

Sorry, I’m not following.. Are you saying that Johnny bought her a book or..??