Anonymous: what do you think about johnny as a person, actor and the relashioship he has with amber? you think she can do better, dont get me wrong but i always found him so weird(in a sweet way)

Okay well, since I’m a major Depp fan (this is Alex speaking, hello), this is what I have to say about him; I adore this man so much. He is truly an inspiration to me, and it’s pretty hard to put how I feel about him into words.

As a person, I think he’s sweet, caring, logical, wise, and really funny. He’s the type of dude that I’d definitely want as a friend, because I believe he’d be there for you if you needed him, and he could make you smile forever. He’s a very kind man, from what I have read about him.

As an actor, I think he’s probably one of the best of our generation. When you watch his movies, he literally becomes the character, and makes you believe that he is who he’s playing. Plus, he always stands out in his movies. His performances are usually incredible, and he clearly chooses his films wisely.  Don’t get me wrong, the man has had a couple flops in the box offices, but I think he’s one of those actors that almost anyone can appreciate. 

Finally, for his relationship with Amber— I think they’re perfect for each other. They share similar interests, they make each other happy, and they seem to be hopelessly in love. And personally, I think that’s absolutely wonderful.

He may be “so weird,” but that’s what makes him who he is. That’s what makes him Johnny Depp.

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Anonymous: The filming of "Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass" already begun the past week! so the "august 18" it's a wrong date (August 4 was the official date and the press release from Disney shows it and there are even pictures from the shooting the past week!) Of course, that doesn't mean that Johnny started his work already and nor when he will be filming...

Thanks for clearing that up, now we have a clear idea of what’s going on..

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Anonymous: yes, 18 august

Ok, thank you ;)

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Anonymous: I would really like some new photos of them together

Same here :)

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Anonymous: updating, filming of 'Alice through the looking glass', begins on 18 ..

August 18?

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Anonymous: do you know that Johnny Depp sang some songs from Bob Dylan?

Oh, I had no idea tbh.. That’s cool!

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Anonymous: I love this mug, haha i love the ring too immense

Yes!! Gotta love that she supports his company :) and omg, you’re right, the ring is HUGE and so gorgeous <3

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Anonymous: Is that johnny's scarf that she uses as a belt?

You think? I have no idea to be honest..

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Amber Heard in downtown Los Angeles, CA (August 3).