Johnny & Amber's upcoming projects:
Anonymous whispered: Birthday amber 22, * - *. In new york or LA? Doubt ...

My guess is that she’ll be in New York, because she’s shooting a movie there atm you know..

Anonymous whispered: the day that performs the wedding is close to happening

You think the wedding date is close?


get to know me meme: [2/5] real life couples → johnny depp & amber heard

Anonymous whispered: you particularly think that marriage is next?

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say, because marriage is their next step. They’re engaged. 

shockadelica81 said: He is more open about her only in the last few weeks and after more than two yrs together and an engagement which i think is great.But some people actually have complained that he never talked about his personal life before! What? he did for yrs!!

You’re totally right! He’s been quite open about his previous relationships in the past.. it’s not anything new. I think that, what is happening now is huge for us (DeppHeard shippers), because it’s amazing to see him talking about Amber and you know, he kinda gave us a glimpse of their relationship, which is very nice :)

blueberriesandlilac whispered: how do you feel about johnny and amber getting married? i love it! When you look back on his love life you can tell that he is a lover at heart. he finds beauty in people and wants to give his love to them. obv they didn't stay together but the notion that you can only love one person is bizarre and untrue. love is unlimited and i'm always happy to see him happy :) darling johnny should always be happy. And she;s so beautiful <3 They're adorable!

Being a huge fan of Johnny, myself (Alex), I think that it’s amazing how he spreads his love towards so many people. Not just people that he is in a relationship with, but everyone around him. Of course, we here at DeppHeard are ALL for this marriage. It’s amazing to see two people care for each other so much that they are willing to spend and give their time to each other for as long as possible. 

And you’re right, love is not a one time thing. I agree with you on that wholeheartedly. People experience love in many different ways, and at many different times. To sound really cliche; It’s not a one time thing. Love is forever, and it will last forever, no matter what. 

All I can say is that I hope they both enjoy their time spent together, because they truly are very adorable, and they both deserve happiness. 

Anonymous whispered: I melt everytime he talks about her! More please!

It’s so cute, right? (^‿^✿)

“I’ve forgotten its name. It allows you to retouch photos automatically." Probed as to whether his favorite subject is Amber, he replied: "Among others, but Amber doesn’t need any retouching! The photo is perfect every time.”

Johnny Depp (when asked about his must-have iPhone App)

“Amber doesn’t need any retouching! The photo is perfect every time.”

Johnny Depp (on his favorite iPhone App for photos)